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Asset Seizure

Has the IRS sent you a notice that they are going to seize your assets in payment of your tax liabilities? Don't wait CONTACT US NOW! Stop Asset Seizures. You have options available to you, such as an Offers In Compromise, Installment Agreements or maybe Currently Not Collectible. If an asset seizure would cause severe hardship, we can request a Taxpayer Assistance Order to protect you. We will seek an Asset Levy Release if they have already seized your assets, but you must CONTACT US now, don't wait. Time is not on your side.

As the collection process inevitably continues and you continue to ignore the IRS or fail to cooperate, the IRS will continue enforced collection against your property. It usually occurs after you fail to contact the IRS or if you fail to work with them to resolve your tax situation. They will seek to levy (seize) as much property, real or personal, needed to pay all taxes, fees, costs and expenses of the levy. The IRS can seize your car, boat, real estate, furniture and personal effects, books and tools of your trade or business in excess of an exempt amount, and in severe cases, your home.

The IRS has broad powers to seize assets to pay your tax liabilities. After the IRS has seized this property, they will attempt to sell it at public auction. The IRS will advertise in local newspapers that they have seized your property for nonpayment of taxes and that such property is available at public auction. If this has happened, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY! We will seek an Asset Levy Release as quickly as possible. You need an experienced representative to contact the IRS and resolve your outstanding tax liability.

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