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Unfiled Returns

Did you forget to file your returns? You didn't file your returns because you couldn't pay the taxes owed? Don't wait for the IRS or your State to contact you! Contact Us NOW, we will prepare your unfiled State (all 50 states) and Federal returns, protect your rights and negotiate a payment plan, Installment Agreement, or an Offer In Compromise. Don't let the IRS or your State prepare a return for you. It's not in your best interest. They use the highest tax rate.

"The Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division is shifting its focus from drug crimes and money laundering to "traditional" tax crimes involving abusive trusts, employment taxes, nonfilers, and return prepapers", CI Chief Mark Matthews said Jan. 22, 2002 on Tax Talk Today.

Failure to file returns is illegal and subject to criminal and civil penalties. This means that you can go to prison, pay substantial penalties and be financially destroyed. Willful failure to file returns can result in a punishment of one year in jail and a $25,000 fine ($100,000 in the case of a corporation). Many people fail to file their returns because they can't afford to pay the taxes they owe. Some don't file their returns because they don't want to pay any taxes. Many have received notices from the IRS and are afraid to respond.

Please understand, the IRS is looking for all taxpayers who have not filed returns. If you have previously filed returns, have a savings account, earn dividends and interest, wages or salary or have any other form of income, the IRS will have a record of it. That means they know you exist. You will start receiving notices from the IRS soon. If they do not hear from you, they will prepare tax returns for you based upon information in their computer and assess taxes based upon the highest tax bracket available, plus penalties and interest. You will have a very short time to protest the assessment.

What to do? Have all of your unfiled returns prepared and filed immediately. CONTACT US now! If not us, contact another tax professional. If you contact us, we will review your situation and recommend a course of action.

Once the returns have been prepared, we can determine your tax liability including penalties and interest. At that point we can seek to resolve your problem and get you back into good standing with the IRS. You will be able to sleep at night without concern about the IRS.

CONTACT US now! We will prepare your returns.

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