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Taxpayer Assistance Order

If the IRS has caused you a significant hardship, such as not being able to pay your bills, pay your rent or mortgage, feed your family or other hardships because they have filed a Wage Levy, Bank Levy, Asset Seizure, CONTACT US Now. We can stop such actions.

There are times when the system has failed to work properly. Sometimes the IRS fails to recognize a significant hardship or threat of adverse action. Over the years this has only happened a few times. However, when it does, we know where to go to solve the problem. The TAO is usually a last resort since, in most every instance, we have been able to resolve these matters.

When appropriate, we will file an Application for Taxpayer Assistance Order with the Taxpayer Advocate Service. Under certain conditions we can stop levies and other actions by the IRS when they refuse to do so. It's important to note that we must start with clean hands. That means we should be able to show that you, the taxpayer, have been cooperating with us and the IRS. We need to show that we have attempted to resolve this matter with the Revenue Officer in charge of your case. Additionally, we must be able to show that the relief sought qualifies under the current regulations.

The normal response time after we submit the application is within one week. During the time that TAS is reviewing the application, no enforcement action will be taken. Upon approval of our application, the relief we requested will be granted.

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