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Innocent Spouse

Is the IRS trying to collect taxes from you that your spouse (or former spouse) owes? That's not fair. CONTACT US TODAY, you may qualify as an innocent spouse or as an injured spouse. If you don't qualify as an innocent spouse or injured spouse, you may qualify for an Offer In Compromise or you can make payments using an Installment Agreement.

There are times in our lives when we look back at the choices we made and ask ourselves "what was I thinking?" Your decision to file a joint return when you were happily married may have been one of those choices. Everything isnít always "Happily Ever After". Now what do you do?

Married people usually file a joint return because the taxes are less. When you file a joint return, you also chose to be jointly and individually liable for any and all taxes, penalties and interest due on that joint return. This is true even if a divorce decree or other agreement states that your former spouse will be responsible for any amounts due on previously filed joint returns.

In 1998, Congress took action to protect the "Innocent Spouse" and provide relief under certain conditions. This relief falls into three categories:

  1. Innocent Spouse Relief
  2. Separation of Liability
  3. Equitable Relief

If you qualify, we will file a claim on your behalf as an innocent spouse. CONTACT US today for a free analysis.

We have experience in representing the innocent spouse. If you feel you are an innocent spouse, donít wait any longer. CONTACT US NOW. WE CAN HELP!

Injured Spouse

You and your spouse have prepared and filed your tax return showing a substantial refund due. You wait and wait for the refund and then you get an envelope from the IRS. But instead of a refund, you find a notice from the IRS that says "Your refund has been applied" (offset) against your spouseís past-due Federal tax, child or spousal support, Federal non tax debt or state income tax. Now what do you do? CONTACT US NOW! If you meet certain criteria, we will file a claim for you as an injured spouse.

If you received a notice from the IRS telling you that your refund has been applied to your spouseís liabilities, CONTACT US NOW, donít wait. The IRS will not know that you are an injured spouse unless we tell them.

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