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Wage Levy

Have you just received your paycheck only to find that the IRS has taken most of what you earned? They didn't even leave you enough to pay your bills, your rent or mortgage, your car payment or to feed your family. CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY, we can stop wage levies with a WAGE LEVY RELEASE.

In situations where a taxpayer has refused to contact the IRS or refused to cooperate with them, the IRS uses a "sledge hammer" to get the taxpayer's attention and start collecting the tax liability. This may be in the form of a levy against your wages, salary, and other income. The wage garnishment is a very powerful IRS tool. The IRS accomplishes this by sending a notice to your employer. The IRS can, by use of your W-2, determine the name and address of your employer.

Upon receiving the Notice of Levy from the IRS, your employer is required to withhold from your paycheck the amount that must be paid to the IRS. The payment by your employer to the IRS is made on the same date that wage payments are made to you.

The IRS does not take all of your paycheck; they allow you enough to live on. Of course, their idea of enough to live on and ours are very different. This Levy continues until it is released by the IRS or the total tax liability has been paid.

As you can tell, once your employer receives the Notice of Levy, things go from bad to worse. Now your income has been substantially reduced, you can't pay your bills, and your employer knows you are having financial problems.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can come to your rescue.

CONTACT US TODAY, we can stop wage levies with a WAGE LEVY RELEASE.

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