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Bank Levy Release

Has the IRS filed a levy with your bank, leaving you unable to pay your bills, your rent or mortgage, your car payment or to feed your family? CONTACT US NOW! We only have 21 days to stop the levy with a Bank Levy Release. We can stop bank levies.

Levies are usually the result of a failure to communicate. In any event, things have gotten very serious. Once the IRS has filed a levy with your bank, we only have 21 days to obtain a release. By law, the bank must hold the funds that were levied for a period of 21 days before sending them to the IRS.

Our mission is to negotiate with the IRS and obtain the release within that 21 day window. Normally, once the money has been submitted to the IRS, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a refund. These negotiations are in fact a team effort, your full and complete cooperation and our experience and expertise. Under the regulations, the IRS has the authority to release a levy against your bank account under certain conditions.

During the negotiations we will supply the IRS with the information they require. Once we have negotiated the release, the IRS will forward a Release of Levy to your bank. After that has been accomplished, we are able to go forward with either an Offer in Compromise or continue an Installment Agreement. We will discuss each of the available options and give you our recommendation.

CONTACT US NOW! We can stop bank levies!

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